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Grown Ups

 If you’re a teacher, an assistant, a guardian, a parent, a head or a dinner lady - or anyone connected with schools - this is the page for you!
 I’ve worked in over 3000 schools both in the UK and abroad delivering creative writing workshops and my stand up show.

(If you're an arts centre or theatre or festival you have to go here instead) 

"Fabulous to see a presenter reach all levels and ages and groups!"

D.Ibson, Christ Our Holy Redeemer School, Victoria, Australia

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My visit is usually a mash-up of all or any of the following


 Workshops for 6 to 11 years - one hour

 Character Building - secrets of how to make a compelling character 
 Know Your Place  - how to build a fascinating story location
 Finding the Plot - the nuts and bolts of narrative structure


 Workshops for 6 and under - thirty minutes

 Knees, Nose, Toes - How to make and draw a character


 Teacher Training - one hour

  Making a Dent -  How I do what I do (and why...)



 "Dumbs Up!" - the stand-up literacy show for 6 to 11 years
 "Chuckle Time!" - the storytelling show for 6 and under


To get a flavour of the day read my Teach Primary article here


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